Over the past few years of training with Karen, I have learned about the importance of incorporating strength training with cardio. My three to four times per week sessions with her, along with running, have become a part of my weekly workout routine. And on days when I don’t run, she can give me a tough cardio workout in my 30 minute session. Along with her suggestions and advice about my nutrition (which I finally realized really is important to weight loss/sculpting), I have toned my arms, abs, and legs, lost inches, and I feel and look good. She is a great motivator, listener, and now friend, and I look forward to training with her this fall for my first half marathon!

 Sara S.



Never would have thought this would be me.  I could not have made the 75 ft climb up the granite mountainside had it not been for Karen and Simsfit.  I credit Karen for making this possible for me. 

– Ruby H





Downtown Laura Brown


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